Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'm so obsessed, I find myself pulling over and taking pictures with my
cell, this is on the way to Emma's it!
I gotta go back and use the "real camera"!

Believe me this looks better in person, but I love this one by Anna's house cause each tree (right to left) is darker than the, red, deep red (again better in person), and almost black.

Is it me or are the leaves on the trees so much more brilliant this year? This is what we call our "fire" tree in our front yard. I am sad when leaves fall off the tree...but I find myself looking forward to having this tree show it's beautiful colors. It's reminds me of being in Connecticut (when I was a nanny for a year) in the Fall. is so beautiful, I keep telling Duff that one year he needs to take me back there when the leaves are turning.