Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Family night at the lake

Duff was dying to get out on the lake one more time...
go on the ride with me huh?
Puget Sound
Steilacoom Town Hall where Duff and I had our
wedding reception 15 plus years ago
My favorite part of the ride

Had to stop here

...To do this and gets treats of course, this day: HOT chocolate!

Had a little fall while there
what i saw....
oh shoot!!!  "It's okay"  we say  "'s just a little"
Lilli braves it
can you see the rain?
the tongue helps
our only company
Bella had courage, and a wetsuit.  Poor thing can barely open her eyes.

These two did not even get in the lake
but something got in their heads

See...better pics huh??  Not perfect but way better, need to take a class or something to know how to best use the new camera.
I hope you three are satisfied.

Friday, September 17, 2010

China Lake Day 5

Trip to Sonic (again) then off to China Lake (more like a really gross pond) an easy, quick walk that is right off of 19th street.  We picked blackberries, enough to snack on, and tried to find the biggest ant hill.  These last two posts were taken with my phone.  But all 3 of my readers will be glad to hear that I got a new camera, notice the spot in the Stadium posts, from my not to old digital!   We bought Alexis' camera from her....she is so awesome she is going only to film, no digital!  She is amazing, check out her lastest entry about our very best Ganah...keep her in your prayers.  Thanks Alexis! 
 So you all will hopeful enjoy better pics....soon!  Stay tuned cause I already a plenty of pics to choose from taken by the new- to -me -camera! Wow..that was a long one, sorry long winded this evening.

How about these two cuties.  One of the last days in the pool.  Goodbye dear summer, we will miss you!

Stinky Creek Day 4

Chambers Creek...where the skim-boarders go.  We affectionately call it Stinky creek as it is located across from the "poop factory" (sewage plant).  This is not a place to go late in the afternoon on a warm day, as you will hear language you would rather your children didn't.  So we picked a day that was late morning.  Man that water was so cold!!! It hurt my feet SO BAD, but the girls got over it and ended up daring each other to go in all the way.  My right foot had "pins-and-needles" feeling till it warmed up 30 minutes after the dip.  
Great place to hike any time of day as the trails go pretty far back.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Stadium High Day 3

We planned to take a ferry to Vashon Island...but I missed the teeny tiny blue
dot that said the 12:30 ferry was only on Saturdays....So I stole the idea from this cute girl, and took the girls to Stadium High School
The "S's"
A pic of me in the bathroom??

Watching the girls soccer team practice
As Aunt Becky would say..."That's my home girl or' dare"