Sunday, July 25, 2010

Family Reunion

We met my parents and two of my brothers and their families in Utah.  We spend a day at Cherry Hill, then the next here...

Lilli and Sophia with their awesome cousin Zach
My brother goes down  "liquid lighting"
then his daughter Samantha
then my bella
Then the most AWESOME ride on the planet with Mar
The sky coaster...oh get chills just looking at this...what a RUSH!! LOVE IT!!
Sophia shares her fingers
The beautiful Temple square!  Did you know the
big dipper is on the side of the temple? Can you find it, it's not the dark spots, but raised, stone stars ?

Emma, Bella, Duff, my mom and Zach and Jaden (my nephews)
following behind
Lillian with cousin Haley
Emma with Samantha
We went to visit this amazing woman, my aunt Janet (my dad's sister), she is asking the girls if the Lagoon rides gave them a tummyache.
Then her daughter my cousin, Susan came over. 
Um...look at the view from Aunt Janets yard!  I love this woman, she reminds me so much of her mother, my Grandma Grace.  I was mad at myself for not having taken the time to visit her the last EIGHT years! Shame on me!
Over the river and through the woods......
My niece Katelyn leading us in "With your hands up high and your feet down, this is how I wiggle low"  at Rigby Lake. 
Duff is shirtless because he got wet from SAVING A MANS LIFE!!!!  My husband, the hero!  He ran to the spot on the beach that jets out and the teenager was a little less than halfway to the island on the left.
"Wild-rides" with Grandpa!
It was never long enough
Bella trying to win a free drink from the jamba juice man.  My youngest brother Aaron in the red and white.
The hotel we stayed at on the way back home (Coeur d'Alene).  Duff loved playing golf there.   
Bella got famous
Sophia saw dinner through a chefs eye
loved this store and the name!
Girls rode a moose...AND a mouse..