Friday, April 3, 2009


Why do people think they have to tell others when they are doing something wrong? I was minding my own business....speeding in a school zone (going about 3oish). I know, I know...not good. Then I was watching Emma walk to the school, when I heard this honk...i turned to see a woman next to me wanting me to roll down my window.
So I did.... "I was following you back there...I was going 20 miles an hour...and you MUST have been going 35 until you caught up with the bus in front of you....I feel sorry for the kids who are not in your line of vision!"
I smiled at her and rolled my window back up. She pulled out of the parking lot ahead of me and she pulled in front of another car...and got honked at!!! Ha, ha! See lady, nobody is perfect!
I must admit I have a speeding her point was a good one......I did get a speeding ticket last week.....but why does she have to pull over and tell me that! Whatever...what do ya do huh? I swear this lady was the type of girl in the elementary music program that corrected the kid next to her when they were singing the wrong words or doing the wrong hand motions (we just went to Bella's program yesterday and saw several girls doing this)
But in my defense.....I did have a "good" reason for speeding. Poor Emma was stressed that day about being on time. She said the teacher had asked her to try and be earlier so that she did not have to rush. So she was really good and got up early and was ready to get in the car when her backpack zipper broke open....her backpack is completely full. So we were rushing to find some bag(s) to get all her stuff together. So we were on time....but not early like she wanted to be.

Lesson I learned.....don't roll down your window when a crazy mom is honking at you he, he! Oh yeah...and don't speed!