Friday, January 2, 2009

Babies holding babies

The girls watching...and waiting for the new baby!
Notice Jenny and we are gripping our own hands/arm. One of the nurses, who happened to be Ruth Markward, her daughter is in our halloween pictures (fun to have her there!) insisted on taking this picture, glad she did...shows our excitement. Oh how cute if he???? This is the first picture of the
"new-macrae, the new boy" our girls called we know his name is Rhett.
I stole this picture from Kjrsten....look her to blog for all the great pics! Congrats Anna you were awesome!!! I love you so much!

Christmas morning

She ended up in our bed....then we had to wake her up to see what Santa brought her

Her first journal entry in her new journal

Not enough room!

Gingerbread houses

Sophia eating way more than what ends up on the house

sNOw way!

Growing up in Idaho gave me lots of memories in the snow, so I was SO
excited when it snowed so my girls could have some of those same memories. In the 13 years I have lived here, I have never had a white christmas...or birthday,
I was so excited when it started snowing ON my birthday.

Bring on the blizzard....YAY!
Ganah has been saving a snowman kit for she gets to use true Ganah style she ran right down and started helping the girls with their snowman!

Isn't he handsome? When we got out the "nose" Sophia wouldn't believe us that it was wood until she tried to take a bite out of it. I only intended to take some pictures real quick....but it was snowing so hard and the girls were having too much I had to join in. When I was pulling them in the sled down our driveway they kept yelling was fun to see how excited they were, and it made me feel like a kid, for just a second! We also went sledding down the Danbridge hill. There were a group of grandmas taking their walk around the neighborhood who had stopped to watch us. When I had my turn the girls yelled, "go mom", and Isla yelled "go Keirra", so the old ladies started yelling "go Keirra, way to go" They were clapping and yelling just like my girls. They also groaned with us when the plow came to move some snow off the street. Funny! They reminded me of my Grandma Jones.....I hope I can be fun like that....when I get old!

Snow makes our front yard beautful!

Christmas surprises.

Lillian was so excited to get gifts for everyone that she began wrapping
stuff around the house in doll blankets and belts! Oh! I reminded her that
she had some money saved and that I could take her to the store and
she could pick out gifts for her sisters, she was so excited about this idea! Her favorite gift she recieved was from Emma......A SWORD! :)

Seattle birthday

My Husband is so wonderfully good to me! For the last few years we have gone to Seattle for a few nights for my birthday. We do a little Christmas shopping, sleep-in, stay up late, watch movies, eat good/junk food and sit in the hot-tub. This year for the first time we took a "handsome-cab ride" around down town. It was really fun....but oh so cold!
Our horse...Henry

Oh I love my hubby!

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

So we had this tree in our yard....that was growing near the bathroom, they said it had to come down because it could cause damage to the why not make it our Christmas tree???
My cute lumber-jack
The girls are a little sad because the tree was in there
"secret-hide-out" and they had named the tree Samantha....then
they said that she would look so beautiful all dressed up....funny girls! Looks like a Charlie Brown tree on
steriods....this is after we cut six feet off the top

Brandon and Isla stopped by...and when Duff and I were putting the tree upright, Brandon burst out laughing....then we stood back and laughed too.
When it was finally up the girls changed into last years christmas
pj's and started singing..."O Christmas Tree"

And ran around the tree...can you see them?

Not too bad, Charlie Brown!

Kisses,indians and pilgrims

Duff and I missed the earlier arts and we ended up as a
cowboy married to a female Gilligan

Alexis is pledging allegiance to Duff's soda.

These are some CUTE indians!