Friday, May 29, 2009

Emma's got talent

Last weekend Duff and I went on a date and came back to Emma playing this....

(don't be's a quick 40 sec. vid)

She has been taking Violin for two years now. She has been in this play (Savior of the World) once and is practicing (for a small speaking part...and for singing the 'whole cast' songs) for another show with Duff and Bella, for this summer. So she is familiar to with the music....but so cool that she could pluck it out on her own without any music in front of her. She wrote down the notes when she figured out what they were, she said it only took her 5 to 10 mintues! Wow! Good job honey!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Hair Raising!!!

With short never know what your hair will be doing in the morning....I should have known what kind of day I would have when I woke up on Mother's Day with THIS hair!
Everyone was all dressed for church when.....Sophia threw up! It happened so fast after she had her smells just like milk, so we rinsed it off her dress and dried it while hanging it outside the window of the car on the way to my parents ward. She threw up twice at church before we left early. Poor thing, so sad! She ended up throwing up more than 12 times that day, and a few more the next (once all over the car!!!) and the rest of the week she was not herself, it took all week to heal herself from the bad stomach flu! It was so sad to hear her say..."I'm hungry mom", or "I'm thirsty Mom"....and give her something only to have her throw it right back up! It was one of the worst experiences of being a Mom I have ever had...she was crying, I was crying! But as the Doctor aren't really a
Mom unless you have had throw up on you. Happy Mother's Day to meeeee! ;) Glad to read via-blogs...that everyone else had a great day! You all deserve it! I have so many examples of great Mom's ALL around me!

Cousin from Idaho

We surprised my Mom (Dad was in on it) and showed up on their door-step to help celebrate my parents 40th Anniversary. The look on my Mom's face was great...she was so shocked she looked at me like she didn't know who I was....hey how could SHE be HERE! It was great!
We stayed at a hotel, the girls and cousins had fun in the pool.

Bummed this is blurry....our girls love it when my handsome Duff Dyer flips them.
All the cousins lined up for the same fun.

Tristan, Jaden, Zach, Sydney in the back, Samantha, Emma, Lillian, Bella and Haley on the edge.

Our Green Emma is 11!!!!

On Cinco Ce Meyo Emma turned 11! I can't believe she will
be in Young Womans in only one year! ugh!

Emma is not necessarily big on being "green" but she liked this tee-shirt

She requested anything Asian...she is fasinated with China

and Japan and would like to visit there someday.


The cousins were coming to town and the girls were VERY excited!
Sophia, Isla, Lillian, Bella, Emma
They arrived!

popcorn did pop!

We absolutely love it when spring...springs...and are so sad to see our four trees in the front yard...lose the popped popcorn.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lillian turns 6

Enough air? love this!

Ganah made the cake...cute huh!

Lilli opens gift from her best buddy...Jared Dubinski...spy goggles.

We always opened our gifts first thing in the morning...when I was growing up. Hence...the bed-head. And yes, she got lego sets for her gifts, and no that is not jello cubes at the bottom of the fish bowl.

Charley Safari

Sister tries to kiss and make it better

Battle wound from hotel pool

One of our days during sprink break....this is a fun, new place in Olympia. The girls talked me into going down the black slide to the right. It was scary! I was holding Sophia and she stuck her elbows out and got rub-burns. I was trying to respond to her cries by getting off fast, so I bumped my head on the way out....ya feel so stupid when you can't even ride a kiddie slide...duh!

Bella gets musical

Duff calls the boy next to Bella "loud mouth" cause he got an ear-full from him at Bella's lunch. Notice Josh Duby, second row down kiddie-corner from Bella...he had his happy face on during the whole program . And smiley-girl Jordan in pink...she is a cutie. I think the kid in the front with black-tee didn't hear..."wear your best clothes"....or did he?

Poor Bella was so nervous she had a hard time executing her bow at the end....most of the students did the same "bow" funny!!! She picked this song because she like that she had to hold the pedal down the whole song.