Monday, August 24, 2009

body surfing

We have had so much fun taking the boat out "a-tons-a" this summer at American Lake. Our favorite time is early morning cause no one is there so the water is "glass"

(ya gotta click on this see their great faces bigger)

I love the girls faces!!! I need to get pics of girls on wake-board and knee board. Our older three have all gotten up on wake board (we are lucky if Sophia wants to even get in the water) So fun to see girls trying new things...I was too in-awe and happy to take pics i guess.
Andee, Emma, Lilli, Bella

They love to let go and float in the wake


Tuesday, August 11, 2009


This man is dangerous...known to carry his own explosive gas...leads a pack full of crazy girls...and trains puppies to bite said girls...please contact your local authorities if you see this man......note: his piercing blue eyes known to make his wife (also armed with explosives) to swoon....

known to make his enemies and friends laugh.....

goes by the name...officer Duff Dyer...shameful!

Warning...this next one will frighten the wee-ones

(perhaps cause a large belly-ache in the not so wee-ones)

We believe he has also gone by "Pepi-la-pew"

Or Inspector "the pink-panther" Clouseau
That's my handsome Duff Dyer

Monday, August 10, 2009


We were so happy to wake up to cool, overcast weather as the whole week had been VERY the hundreds...and VERY humid!!!
So mom and sisters (margaret, eliza and chloe) dressed alike on purpose...and
I just happen to match! I am totally running again next gave me the itch. And Eliza and I got a LITTLE itch to do a full...not so sure about that. SO much running to train...who has the time for that??

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Clowning around...

Cheney Stadium
I found myself feeling sorry for the elephants as the circus workers did not have any patience for the kids waiting in line, or the parents with questions. So how did they treat the elephants when no one was watching?? The kids had fun (all $8 worth) on their 30 second ride.

Lillian, Sarah Nickel, Sophia. Circus was fun...going with
great friends Nickels and Rosengrens made it totally worth it!