Monday, June 7, 2010

Day to remember AND make memories

The feeling of the cemetery on Memorial Day is very reverent.  We think of those that died so we could have and keep our freedom and those who we loved who have passed on to a much better place, but way too soon.  
First stop was our Isabelle.  We visited a few more sites of other loved ones.   I thought of how sweet it was to have the sun shine
down on us (and the rain stop) during these tender moments. 

Then we made new memories.  Ganah and Anna made a fabulous treasure hunt for all the 'young-uns'  They had so much fun, I forgot to take a picture of all their fun treasures!   And of course Ganah and Booboo made a fabulous "linner" not lunch nor dinner.  We watched old family videos...ask Duff about how happy he was to see himself 12 years ago!  Oh... I loved ALL of him!

This was a few days later...but a fun memory for my girls for sure. 
 "Yay!, DADDY is getting in the pool!"