Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sophia's dream

One morning Lillian and Sophia were talking about how they slept that night. And Sophia said, " I had a dream Mom!" I asked her what it was about and she said that she got "runned" over by a train. "That's scary", I said. She said "Yeah, I didn't get up, I died"
"Oh sad!" I said. Then she said she went to Heaven and Jesus
picked her up and gave her to her Daddy.

"When Jesus comes"

So our poor Sophia has had a wart on her finger for....EVER. We have had it "frozen" at the doctor two times and put compound W on it....a zillion times. You can even buy this at home "freeze the wart" kit.....which we have done twice. One of those times was last night. If anyone has had this done to a know how painful it is awful. She was really good about it...really only whimpered/whined about it for a few minutes. Then it was off to bed. I asked her to say her prayers and she didn't want to....mostly because she is the queen of putting off bedtime. I said honey you can pray that your finger will feel better and ask that the wart will go away soon. So I helped her with that prayer, and she climbed into bed. She then said....
"Mom, when Jesus comes to my house, he can help my wart go away....will he bring his tools with him?"
What do you say to that? "Oh....honey I don't know when he will come" And then she said,
"He can kiss it?" Then she kissed it, then I kissed it. cute is that I say? It made me think of how we are supposed to be like little children. She was fully expecting Jesus to come to her house and take care of her problem, so much faith and trust in what we have taught her.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

For the last six years my handsome Duff Dyer has taken our girl(s) to the Daddy-daughter dance....put on by first the high school, and now the city. They all look forward to it. Duff makes it special by taking them to dinner first, then usually a dessert after. Just such a fun date for them, I hope they remember these times when they are wanting to "pull-away". Sophia is too little just her and I had a mommy-daughter date, we had fun...... I thought, dinner and movie at home, then great treats...... then the next day she asked Duff if she would be old enough next year to go to the dance with him.....she is for sure our biggest Daddy's girl.

Our Sweet Bella-button Turns Eight!!!

SISTERS! you want to just squeeze um both?
Bella's first friend birthday party....I know...I'm a bad mom! It was a "tea"-party with a the end, funny combo....but we were aiming to please our Bella.

My parents came from Idaho to help celebrate!

This is right before she was baptized. Annabella is our sweet-hearted and...little-bit-shy-girl. As her birthday got closer she kept saying that she was nervous. We assured her that her Dad would talk her through everything, and that it would be fine. I kept thinking, she a great swimmer...not afraid of the water, what could she be nervous about? I asked her and she said....."all the people". I said, oh honey we don't have to announce in it sacrament meeting, and we can just have family and close family friends. And she let out a big oh thank goodness. Poor thing! Didn't want all eyes on her. So we did just that....and we still had a biggish group. Come to find out she was also nervous about her dress coming up and her underwear showing. So we were able to borrow a dress from my good friend Christie....that someone had made for one of her girls...and it had weights sewn into the bottom can't even see them or feel them...but the bottom is heavy. Bella was very excited about the it was Christie to the that woman! The Saturday before her baptism I had a dream that we went to church and there was an insert in all the bulletins "advertising" Bella's baptism! Funny!