Friday, November 28, 2008

He did it!!!

Okay I have to admit that I had my doubts that Keith would ever be able to track down his true love......but he DID. Her name is Jenny Jones (my maiden name too....AND my other sister-in-law; my brother's wife is also Jennifer Jones) Jenny is simple the most darling girl ever. They are so perfect for each other. It's weird the similarities to Duff and I. They started dating in too, they got engaged in And we got married in February...the month they are planning to tie the knot! And she is from a family with only too! Weird huh? I am so happy for the two of them! And our girls could not be more thrilled to enjoy another new auntie! When Alexis and Jenny are together, I can see my girls just going crazy with they love them both so much! I am so lucky to get such great sister-in-laws!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Duff put in the Thriller video in the car, on the way to trunk-or-treat and the girls "loved" it. Andee had never seen it....she looks scared. Lillian said to Sophia..."If you get scared, just take my hand". Oh, sisters! Cute!

Ya gotta love the decide which one. I am trying to hold up my fingers that say PEACE...I'm so original right? Duff wore this pimp costume at a stake dance last spring that his Dad was in charge of. All of his siblings plus spouses were there, so we all dressed was so "hair-larius"

Matching hair

Oh...matching Afros how sweet huh?

Who and what

Andee Markward is a good friend of Emma's, we have her over almost every weekend. She is a fussy baby, who just woke up from a nap, I love the hair.
I had to talk her out of being a "Zombie" baby.

Bella picked the complete opposite character of her real self. I love the green face! And the green shriveled hand (compliments of Frankenstein)

Lillian our little tom-boy. She didn't want to wear the goatee for school,
but was happy to wear it for trunk-or-treat. This pirate comes complete
with a duck-tape/black marker sword...awesome!

When we first put on this whole costume...she looked at me
perplexed and said, "Mom, I can't fly?" Oh.... you gotta love
the innocence of babies! She is trying to fly in this picture.

Halloween fun

Emma the "Zombie" cheerleader. She said she got ran over by a football player. The girls all just jumped into character when the camera came out, with no prompting.
I have to say that the girls got very creative this more princesses for us I guess. Sophia the bumblebee, Emma the Zombie cheerleader, Andee (our "weekend daughter") the fussy baby, Annabella the "wicked the witch" as Sophie would say, And Lillian the pirate.

Mommy hair

I have been wanting to go shorter for a long time...and
someday I will go even shorter...what do you think? Emma said it's purple?
Ha, ha.....David's fault if it is.

This is what happens when Macrae plays at my house....all the playing with girls just
plum-tuckered him out! Do you just want to eat him?


What the heck is this doing outside my girls bedroom window? Can you say arachnophobia.......ugh!!! This looks bigger than it really was actually the size of a quarter. Who has the willies? Val (my animal- spider- crawly- thing -lovin' mother-in-law) wondered why I didn't put it in a jar? Right outside the window is plenty close for me! (willies again)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Our baby is three!!!

This was the reaction to the other
gifts (dresses), go little tom-boy

Sophia doesn't know the fun ballons can provide....

...But Macrae does...he was rolling around like this for...ever
and it didn't bug him a bit.

"The prize" of gifts you ask??? Pajamas from Aunt Kjrsten....this was her same reaction to the jeans she opened up in the morning! She is easily pleased at this point.

Birthday pizza party with cousins


Yes...i used a christmas bag...what does she know? He, he.

I cannot believe that our Sophia is already three! Here she is opening her first package a few days early. When this arrived from Grandma and Grandpa Jones...she couldn't wait to open it. She loved the contents in it and even carried around the box and wrapping paper for days...even to the car...until Mom "misplaced" it.

This is good friend that I met when we were nannies in Connecticut. We tried to set her up with a friend of Duff' failed miserably, okay... just didn't work out, they parted as friends so it wasn't a failure. BUT it was SO great to see her! The last time I saw her was I don't know...two years ago? Any body know an available hunk? She lives in Utah!?!?!? As you can see, she is a hottie! :)