Sunday, August 29, 2010

Seattle Day 2

"Mom! Look up there!"  says Sophia  "Mom can we gooo", says Emma
Sophia got lots of complements on the purse
Lunch with a little DS.  We were lucky enough to have Sonja with us for a few we did a little "swap" with her and our Lilli
Food out of the teeth/braces
These boys were holding a sign at one point..but they were gone when we got down to the street.  What cause were they hula-hoopin' for?  Not sure.  What is your guess?

Girls were most excited to end up here...cause we don't have one right where we live, it's  whole 10 mins away!!!
Sonja has a great story about this store, but I told her I would
not blog about see and ask her here
one of these kids is doing their own thing...
faint mustache from lunch
Tired feet!
We think this lady's feet MAY have been hurting her you think she is shopping or running away with her suitcase and
Pee-wee Herman's heels?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 1 Go carts

We started our "mourning" of the-end-of-summer last Wednesday.  Go carts!  I wore a skirt thinking it was wide enough to tuck between my legs.  But duh, the wind!  And I also had to bent my knees a lot I gave the go-cart guy a good view of my g's, even though I was frantically tucking it at the bottom.  Oops! 

Then Friday and Saturday Duff and I did this.... Good times, thanks Cami and Travis!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Last two weeks

It's here dang-it!!  The last two weeks of summer.  I always mourn the end of summer.  I looked at the calendar and had some panic.  What?  Two weeks?  It can't be!  So I gathered the girls and asked them what they wanted to we filled the next two weeks with all there requests.  We start today, skip the weekend (cause Duff and I will be on a quick get away) and then resume again on Monday.
pictures to come.....