Wednesday, January 6, 2010

In December...

We saw a sherperd and a wise man

We went on an airplane to see...

these beautiful eyes
and darling nose

This smart girl
and these not so smart boys

this cute niece, Sydney, while singing at at school (middle w/red scarf)
back on airplane
To be enlightenedand schooled
 saw angels and puppies
sleeping "Booboos"
basketball players
surprised facesmade a few of these
We saw girls waiting
and hairy babies
And this is only half of
of what took place in the wonder why it is all now a blur


  1. Awesome post! ...way to put it all into a nutshell. I loved the surprised face picture... priceless. Looks like it was a fun and eventful month for you guys.

  2. December just goes too fast! I love that it is busy & fun, but wish it stretched out a little bit longer.

  3. You forgot to mentnion your birfday! Heehee

  4. Ah! What an eventful month! Its sad that it passes so quickly. We miss you already!

  5. This is one of my favorite posts of yours. Well done. I will talk to you soon.
    Lots of love!