Wednesday, May 12, 2010

This tiny dancer 12 already?

Emma June of 2005 (6 years old)
She began the birthday fun with a trip to 6th grade camp

Two days later...went to dinner with some friends...
Summer Rosengren, Kelly Hurdelbrink, Ryan Dubinsky,
Seanassey Watson, and Andee Markward

Was embarrassed (and shot some great daggers) when the waitress at Red Robin made her a coffee filter hat and sang happy birthday with the whole restaraunt. 

Played "Minute to win it" games
Got really silly...then had a halarious ride home

Emma, you have grown so much!  Sometimes I miss this little one, but then I  remember how you have grown into such a fun, loving young woman!  I look forward to many more years of spending time with you and making many more memories as a daughter and mother.  Thanks for all you do for me Emma girl, I love you so much!  Love, Mom 


  1. We love you, Emma! Thanks for that post, Keirra, it was fun to see a glimpse of her growing up.

  2. Very cute and such a fun party! What a fun mom you are. I am sure Emma sees that she is one lucky lady. 12!! -Erika

  3. Oh wow... seeing Emma's little face in that last picture with her baby teeth and little button nose makes me think of my Chloe right now and how it's only going to be a blink of an eye before she's turning 12. I really wish it didn't go by quite so fast. But it's wonderful to get to enjoy each stage and now you have this amazing 12 year old on your hands. Looks like she had a lot of fun celebrating!

  4. It's amazing how quick these kids grow!! Looks like she had a lot of fun celebrating her birthday!

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