Monday, September 22, 2008

Bella, Lillian, and Sophia....who is being an otter on the "otter-slide". This slide is so lame, they have to scoot their way down the whole slide.....we can't have the kids going to fast...they could hurt themselves! (I'm such a good mom) They have never seen all the crazy Jones' at West Piney slide, going down the what....60 foot slide?...with wax paper, so we can go faster and get it ready for the next slider! Those were some fun times! I have a great memory of Dad going down! Did Grandma Grace ever go down the slide? I can invision her being the one handing out the wax paper, in her younger years and being the last to go, so she could go nice and fast! She was such a crack-up huh? I miss Grandma! Good memories!

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