Monday, September 22, 2008


Man....I LOVE this picture!!! It makes my heart leap every time I see it! I'm sure it's because it's the first time they are all together! I just want to smooch them all! I love that they ALL look like babies. I hate that they are growing up...I need them to slow it down a bit. We have a neighbor that just dropped off her "baby" to college. She ask me how young my baby was, I said almost three...and she said...Oh, you have so much time, you are so lucky! And I really did feel lucky, and sad at the same time...thinking that I would be in her postition in a blink! How can us Mom's slow it down? For those of you who know Lillian so her twin in this picture??
FYI....Don't be jealous of the curtains, they can only be enjoyed while staying at Tacoma General.

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  1. Continue enjoying and sharing every single second of your life with your kids... and I promise that you will have no regrets... And when they are off to college, you may cry (you will cry), but the foundations of their lives will be so solid, that the next phase will be as amazing as the phase when they were little.

    Beautiful family... Gorgeous family.