Thursday, November 6, 2008

Our baby is three!!!

This was the reaction to the other
gifts (dresses), go little tom-boy

Sophia doesn't know the fun ballons can provide....

...But Macrae does...he was rolling around like this for...ever
and it didn't bug him a bit.

"The prize" of gifts you ask??? Pajamas from Aunt Kjrsten....this was her same reaction to the jeans she opened up in the morning! She is easily pleased at this point.

Birthday pizza party with cousins


Yes...i used a christmas bag...what does she know? He, he.

I cannot believe that our Sophia is already three! Here she is opening her first package a few days early. When this arrived from Grandma and Grandpa Jones...she couldn't wait to open it. She loved the contents in it and even carried around the box and wrapping paper for days...even to the car...until Mom "misplaced" it.


  1. I already miss those munchkins! Good thing I'll be on my way back there in just 2 weeks!

  2. oh, i LOVED her face when she kept opening the dresses! ha! she's so fun!!

  3. AHHHHH YEAH the jammies! Did she get a special somethin' somethin' from ganzie? we sent another pair home with her FOR SOPHIE!