Saturday, December 20, 2008

Andrew & Alexis married in August

How beautiful is this couple standing in front of the San Diego temple?? Great place, great families, great food, great dress and GREAT shoes Alexis! :) Andrew (Duff's brother) looks a little to serious in this picture, I couldn't get another picture of them uploaded...I'm kinda special when is comes to bloggin' if you can't tell. But believe me he was a very happy man! They are such a darling couple...perfect for each other! We all love Alexis so much...and she just fits right in! And we are all so happy for them!
That was a really fun weekend for us...we made an adult only trip to Disneyland....oh the tower of terror is my FAV. !!!!! I think Kjrsten has pic of that ...some great pictures she took of us mid-ride.

Check out more photo's of them...or just check out their photographer...he was amazing!

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