Monday, May 18, 2009

Hair Raising!!!

With short never know what your hair will be doing in the morning....I should have known what kind of day I would have when I woke up on Mother's Day with THIS hair!
Everyone was all dressed for church when.....Sophia threw up! It happened so fast after she had her smells just like milk, so we rinsed it off her dress and dried it while hanging it outside the window of the car on the way to my parents ward. She threw up twice at church before we left early. Poor thing, so sad! She ended up throwing up more than 12 times that day, and a few more the next (once all over the car!!!) and the rest of the week she was not herself, it took all week to heal herself from the bad stomach flu! It was so sad to hear her say..."I'm hungry mom", or "I'm thirsty Mom"....and give her something only to have her throw it right back up! It was one of the worst experiences of being a Mom I have ever had...she was crying, I was crying! But as the Doctor aren't really a
Mom unless you have had throw up on you. Happy Mother's Day to meeeee! ;) Glad to read via-blogs...that everyone else had a great day! You all deserve it! I have so many examples of great Mom's ALL around me!

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  1. I had to go home from church early during the opening song because Bella was having coughing spasms. I am such a bad mom because I hadn't even noticed she was really coughing all morning in the craziness of going to my mom's to listen to travis calling from his mission. But then when we got to church in the quiet I realized how bad a cough she had!