Friday, May 29, 2009

Emma's got talent

Last weekend Duff and I went on a date and came back to Emma playing this....

(don't be's a quick 40 sec. vid)

She has been taking Violin for two years now. She has been in this play (Savior of the World) once and is practicing (for a small speaking part...and for singing the 'whole cast' songs) for another show with Duff and Bella, for this summer. So she is familiar to with the music....but so cool that she could pluck it out on her own without any music in front of her. She wrote down the notes when she figured out what they were, she said it only took her 5 to 10 mintues! Wow! Good job honey!


  1. that was AWESOME! I am so proud, she DOES have talent! Can she teach me?!

  2. wow!! that is rad i couldn't do that (dictation) till college. tell her i am so proud!

  3. She is so beautiful! And that was amazing! I was at my mom's house when I checked it so she was excited to see it too!