Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Our baby is four!!

Sophia turned FOUR on October 3rd

a kiss and a lick of frosting
the ballerina on the rainbow (thanks kjrst)
pajamas, mismatched..the only way

Alex Call gave Sophia a present after her birthday....when she was opening it she said,
"MOM am I five?!"
Then when we picked up the girls she told them that it was her birthday again!


  1. Cute pictures, this sure is the month for birthdays. I know so many people having babies right now. Liam will be 3 tomorrow, they grow so fast.

  2. How is this possible... FOUR??? Wow. Since we barely saw you guys when we were in Highland Hills Ward, I still feel like you just had her and she should just be a little wee one. Seriously, my jaw hit the floor when I read that she was four! I LOVE that she asked if she was five when Alex gave her a gift after her birthday... hilarious, and oh so cute!

    Happy Birthday to your Sophia!!