Monday, October 26, 2009

The tele

Emma and the phone are best friends...she talks on it all times of the day...and night.

Last night her other best friend called, Duff picked up at the same time and waited.

"Hey if your parents pick up, I will just hang up"

"Okay" says Emma, "I am going to the kitchen to get a banana"

Duff whispers "don't go to the kitchen.....don't get a banana" he hears a gasp, then a laugh.

Duff sings, "Good night girls....go to bed!"

Duff then reminisces with me when he started talking on the phone...also in the six grade. He said once Dano opened his door late one night, Duff hid the phone under the pillow after his dad leaves, he whispers, "you still there?" Then his dad pages the phone!!!


  1. i'm dying! this is so funny! i remember the same things happening to ME--> so embarrassing! but somehow i bet duff was funny, not at ALL embarrassing.