Friday, September 17, 2010

China Lake Day 5

Trip to Sonic (again) then off to China Lake (more like a really gross pond) an easy, quick walk that is right off of 19th street.  We picked blackberries, enough to snack on, and tried to find the biggest ant hill.  These last two posts were taken with my phone.  But all 3 of my readers will be glad to hear that I got a new camera, notice the spot in the Stadium posts, from my not to old digital!   We bought Alexis' camera from her....she is so awesome she is going only to film, no digital!  She is amazing, check out her lastest entry about our very best Ganah...keep her in your prayers.  Thanks Alexis! 
 So you all will hopeful enjoy better pics....soon!  Stay tuned cause I already a plenty of pics to choose from taken by the new- to -me -camera! Wow..that was a long one, sorry long winded this evening.

How about these two cuties.  One of the last days in the pool.  Goodbye dear summer, we will miss you!

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