Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Family night at the lake

Duff was dying to get out on the lake one more time...
go on the ride with me huh?
Puget Sound
Steilacoom Town Hall where Duff and I had our
wedding reception 15 plus years ago
My favorite part of the ride

Had to stop here

...To do this and gets treats of course, this day: HOT chocolate!

Had a little fall while there
what i saw....
oh shoot!!!  "It's okay"  we say  "'s just a little"
Lilli braves it
can you see the rain?
the tongue helps
our only company
Bella had courage, and a wetsuit.  Poor thing can barely open her eyes.

These two did not even get in the lake
but something got in their heads

See...better pics huh??  Not perfect but way better, need to take a class or something to know how to best use the new camera.
I hope you three are satisfied.

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  1. Oh how fun... you guys are awesome! I love that the rain didn't scare you away, it just made it more adventurous! I love that your girls are tough... got out there and went for it. Awesome!