Friday, January 2, 2009

sNOw way!

Growing up in Idaho gave me lots of memories in the snow, so I was SO
excited when it snowed so my girls could have some of those same memories. In the 13 years I have lived here, I have never had a white christmas...or birthday,
I was so excited when it started snowing ON my birthday.

Bring on the blizzard....YAY!
Ganah has been saving a snowman kit for she gets to use true Ganah style she ran right down and started helping the girls with their snowman!

Isn't he handsome? When we got out the "nose" Sophia wouldn't believe us that it was wood until she tried to take a bite out of it. I only intended to take some pictures real quick....but it was snowing so hard and the girls were having too much I had to join in. When I was pulling them in the sled down our driveway they kept yelling was fun to see how excited they were, and it made me feel like a kid, for just a second! We also went sledding down the Danbridge hill. There were a group of grandmas taking their walk around the neighborhood who had stopped to watch us. When I had my turn the girls yelled, "go mom", and Isla yelled "go Keirra", so the old ladies started yelling "go Keirra, way to go" They were clapping and yelling just like my girls. They also groaned with us when the plow came to move some snow off the street. Funny! They reminded me of my Grandma Jones.....I hope I can be fun like that....when I get old!

Snow makes our front yard beautful!

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