Friday, January 2, 2009

The girls watching...and waiting for the new baby!
Notice Jenny and we are gripping our own hands/arm. One of the nurses, who happened to be Ruth Markward, her daughter is in our halloween pictures (fun to have her there!) insisted on taking this picture, glad she did...shows our excitement. Oh how cute if he???? This is the first picture of the
"new-macrae, the new boy" our girls called we know his name is Rhett.
I stole this picture from Kjrsten....look her to blog for all the great pics! Congrats Anna you were awesome!!! I love you so much!

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  1. You posted so many pictures, I love it. I love your Charlie brown tree, you know I have never seen the inside of your house! Crazy huh. I love the snowman and I LOVE the new baby, squished up face picture. He is going to get a lot of loves from all those girls! Merry Christmas, late and Happy New Years, late!