Saturday, March 7, 2009

For the last six years my handsome Duff Dyer has taken our girl(s) to the Daddy-daughter dance....put on by first the high school, and now the city. They all look forward to it. Duff makes it special by taking them to dinner first, then usually a dessert after. Just such a fun date for them, I hope they remember these times when they are wanting to "pull-away". Sophia is too little just her and I had a mommy-daughter date, we had fun...... I thought, dinner and movie at home, then great treats...... then the next day she asked Duff if she would be old enough next year to go to the dance with him.....she is for sure our biggest Daddy's girl.


  1. Your girls are getting so big and beautiful! We need to have another Jones Family Reunion so I can meet all of them.