Thursday, March 12, 2009

"When Jesus comes"

So our poor Sophia has had a wart on her finger for....EVER. We have had it "frozen" at the doctor two times and put compound W on it....a zillion times. You can even buy this at home "freeze the wart" kit.....which we have done twice. One of those times was last night. If anyone has had this done to a know how painful it is awful. She was really good about it...really only whimpered/whined about it for a few minutes. Then it was off to bed. I asked her to say her prayers and she didn't want to....mostly because she is the queen of putting off bedtime. I said honey you can pray that your finger will feel better and ask that the wart will go away soon. So I helped her with that prayer, and she climbed into bed. She then said....
"Mom, when Jesus comes to my house, he can help my wart go away....will he bring his tools with him?"
What do you say to that? "Oh....honey I don't know when he will come" And then she said,
"He can kiss it?" Then she kissed it, then I kissed it. cute is that I say? It made me think of how we are supposed to be like little children. She was fully expecting Jesus to come to her house and take care of her problem, so much faith and trust in what we have taught her.


  1. Such a sweet little girl. Your story brought a tear to my eye.

  2. my mom had a heel full of planters warts. the doctors said they couldn't freeze them because there were too many. if they performed surgery, she would never be able to walk without a limp. so she started praying. she prayed everyday that she would be healed. Soon her warts all vanished. She has none left.

    : ) tell soph to keep praying

  3. What a sweet girl! I do love how much faith our children have. A good lesson for us all.