Saturday, March 7, 2009

Our Sweet Bella-button Turns Eight!!!

SISTERS! you want to just squeeze um both?
Bella's first friend birthday party....I know...I'm a bad mom! It was a "tea"-party with a the end, funny combo....but we were aiming to please our Bella.

My parents came from Idaho to help celebrate!

This is right before she was baptized. Annabella is our sweet-hearted and...little-bit-shy-girl. As her birthday got closer she kept saying that she was nervous. We assured her that her Dad would talk her through everything, and that it would be fine. I kept thinking, she a great swimmer...not afraid of the water, what could she be nervous about? I asked her and she said....."all the people". I said, oh honey we don't have to announce in it sacrament meeting, and we can just have family and close family friends. And she let out a big oh thank goodness. Poor thing! Didn't want all eyes on her. So we did just that....and we still had a biggish group. Come to find out she was also nervous about her dress coming up and her underwear showing. So we were able to borrow a dress from my good friend Christie....that someone had made for one of her girls...and it had weights sewn into the bottom can't even see them or feel them...but the bottom is heavy. Bella was very excited about the it was Christie to the that woman! The Saturday before her baptism I had a dream that we went to church and there was an insert in all the bulletins "advertising" Bella's baptism! Funny!

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  1. "that woman" has saved me a few times too! I think it is hilarious that you were having dreams about everyone finding out about that baptism and making your Bella scared. You are a good mom to try and make her comfortable on such a blessed day.