Thursday, July 16, 2009

Run baby RUN

Before the race with my handsome Duff Dyer

We did it! Duff and I ran (okay he walked the hills) the 12K Sound-to-Narrows race on June 13th. My sister in law is a great runner and has run several half marathons and other races told me that the sound to narrows run was an 8 on 1-10 scale of difficulty. only goal was to finish without stopping to walk. And I DID! The last part of the run was the hardest because the last mile is mostly all up hill. I gave Duff a big hug after the race and asked him how many sprinklers he ran through, he said....none! Poor guy was dripping and he said I will NEVER do that again. Then we got home and looked at the race results and he said SHE/HE beat me? I am totally running it next year!

I have been running with Duff's darling Aunt Margaret and it feels so good to be consistent with my running again. We are the same pace, we have good conversations and she modivates me to keep running. On one run her and her daughter said that I should run the tacoma's half marathon with them. I said "NO! I don't wanna!" And I meant it, I swore up and down that I would not run any more than the 7 1/2, that any more than that would be too much running....mostly with all the training. But that invitation ate at me all week. I asked Duff what he thought about me running....he said, "Yes, you are a good runner, you can totally do it!" Oh, I love my husband! Okay so here I am training to run the 1/2 on August 1st!!! Last saturday we ran 10 miles....the most I have ever run...this saturday will be 11! You know I feel great and am glad with my choice....I will give an update after the real "race" for me...again just wanting to finish without stopping to walk!

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  1. Duff's face expression in the second picture says it all! I've always heard the Sound to Narrows is a killer... way to go, you guys!!