Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Never pulled one of Lilli's teeth

This man has....Lilli's Grandpa, A.K.A. Booboo.
He has pulled all but one of Lillian's baby teeth (the other by her sister Bella)
We may not even know she has a loose tooth until we go to Sunday dinner and Lilli (who goes early to help set the table) says...Booboo pulled another one!
Her last one was yanked at Banks!
Duff doesn't know how Dan gets his big fingers on those little teeth!


  1. Wow,she is brave. I worked for a dentist and did all the kids cleanings and everything, My oldest daughter wouldn't let me near her to "wiggle" hers out. It ended up flipping out when she pushed a little with her tongue. So silly!

  2. sausage fingers are the best for yanking teeth!