Friday, September 4, 2009

wakie...wakie....eggs and bakie!

Now that I am passed pregnancies and nursing (i know...three years ago!)'s easier to take more time on the water. I am just getting out of the wake this year, but in my defense the first time i got up on the wake board was last summer.....late in the game?
No way.... look out for the oldie!

Duff couldn't wait to dive in and wake board
He recently learned to do this....

that is my HOT husband.. my Duff Dyer!

over the whole wake

You have to click on this to see Lilli's face. She was whining, "I can't do this Dad...I'm not ready!" Duff speeds up and says, "Yes you are.... stand up!" She popped right up and continued to whine until she realized that she got up her first try on the skies.
"I can't do this....HEY I'm doing it!

Wake board also comes easy to Lillian

Emma has really enjoyed wake-boarding and is getting good...she was
so happy to get outside of the wake! Yay Emma!

Mar! Look at you!!!!

Bella complains about getting in the cold water...but is really a natural!

Master handsome Duff Dyer has made a huge effort to get the girls to the lake during the day a lot this summer...but still has to work while doing it. He is such a good daddy and husband!!....we are
all so lucky to have him. I love you honey!


  1. oh my goodness lil's face is so funny in that pic :) such a cutie!! I'm pretty sure thats the face I make up on a ski too haha fun to see all the lake pics

  2. your girls are awesome & fun to see 'em so into water sports--i took another summer off even after being pregnant last year 'cuz wasn't the warmest down @ our cabin & i'm def fair-weather slalom skier, but also 'cuz subconsciously worried i wouldn't get up i'm right there with ya!