Wednesday, September 23, 2009


This is my DARLING cousin...Rachel, awaiting their baby boy, do you just want to squeeze her? When looking at her picture, I know she making a funny face...but you can just feel her excitement and joy and the anticipation of bringing a new life into this world.
Her face isn't big enough to hold that huge, darling smile of hers.
This reminds me of my Bella when she said out of the blue,
"I would be so sad if I could not have my own babies.
I could adopt but I would want to have my own babies in my tummy!"
I remember also thinking this mature thought as a kid and looking forward to being a mommy. I always looked at pregnant woman in awe...thinking that is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. I wondered if I was also just 8 years old when I had these thoughts. Oh my sweet Bella I am equally excited for your little ones, and being a Grandma.....I will wear that name proudly....but let's get you through the 3rd grade first...Bella girl!


  1. she is simply adorable! I want to squeeze her!
    I remember with each baby, on the way to hospital thinking, "well, our secret is about to be exposed! and now you will be outside of me for everyone else to enjoy you!"

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  3. Seriously, this cousin of yours is too cute!! And your sweet Bella having such deep thoughts about pregnancy and babies... she must get it from her mama! I don't ever recall thinking about stuff like that at her age... wow!

    On a side note: you can't just give away your title Kierra... everyone knows YOU are the queen of all moms!!!! Seriously though.

  4. Oh man, I give up... I deleted the first comment because I spelled your name wrong and then I go and do it again in the second comment. I swear I know how to spell your name... KEIRRA!!! There.